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Welcome to the Lab

First of all, congratulations on making it this far! Regardless of whether you are an undergraduate student working on your first research project or a postdoctoral researcher applying for a faculty position, you are somewhere along a gradient from passive learner to independent thinker. This document is intended as a reference to help you make this transition, by laying out expectations and best practices. It is based on my own experience as well as discussions with colleagues. Most of the examples are therefore biased towards a career as a professional scientist. However, this document is above all a guide to working and thinking like a professional. As such, I have consciously tried to keep the lessons general so that the tips, recommendations, and rules of thumb will apply to a broad range of professional activities and career paths that you may choose to follow.

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes” – Obi-wan Kenoboi

This manifesto is shaped by my own experiences, which are summarized here: About Me

It was inspired by the works of other, particularly Steve Stearns advice and Ray Huey’s response, John Thompson, and others.

Other perspectives are well worth reading and reflecting upon, particularly with respect to similarities and differences in philosophy. Your experience and opinion will differ too, and that’s okay.

That said, there are a few immutable ground rules for working in the Colautti Lab.

Colautti Lab Rules

To be part of the lab, you must agree to four rules:

  1. Be ethical
  2. Be kind
  3. Be professional
  4. Be awesome and have fun!

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct defines our values and shared responsibilities. It is a natural extension of the four rules outlined above.